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  • UCAM Nov 2009

    Workshop High throughput methods

    6/7 Nov 2009 Kings’ College, University of Cambridge

    1. High throughput protein engineering and cloning by Prakash Rucktooa
    2. Serotonization of AChBP by Divya Kesters. Login for presentation.
    3. Protein expression from low to high throughput: whole receptors and domains
      (a) Expression strategies for 5-HT3 receptors by Jamie Ashby
      (b) Glycine receptor subunit variants: Bulk expression and chemical synthesis of domains and loops by Cord Michael Becker. Login for presentation.
      (c) Establishment of a high throughput method for cloning, expression, and purification of GABAA receptor subunit extracellular domains by Stefan Radner
    4. High throughput screening
      (a) In silico drug screening combined with high throughput functional screening by Andy Thompson and Mark Vorheis
      (b) Screening using SPR biosensor technology by Helena Danielson. Login for presentation.
      (c) Screening of anion-selective channels activation and intracellular chloride distribution using genetically encoded CI-sensors by Piotr Bregestovski
    5. Modelling and computational analyses
      (a) How modular are the extracellular binding sites in cys-loop receptors? by Margot Ernst. Login for presentation.
      (b) Fine computational analysis of ACHBP complexes with curane alkaloids by Dmitry Kuzmin/Chris Ulens. Login for presentation.
      (c) Alpha-Conotoxin ImII : agreement and disagreement between calculations, interactions with various nAChR subtypes and AChBPs by Victor Tsetlin

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