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  • NKI Sept 2008

    Workshop Protein expression

    1/2 September 2008, NKI Amsterdam

    Session 1: Expression and purification

    1. LIC cloning by Vangelis Christodoulou
    2. HTP expression/cloning by Dene Littler
    3. Expression of isotopically enriched proteins for NMR studies in E. coli by Christos Chasapis (Patras)
    4. Expression in mammalian HEK cells by Wieger Hemrika (University of Utrecht)

    Session 2: Preparation for biophysical methods

    1. Crystallization robotics by Patrick Celie
    2. Use of biophysical methods by Alex Fish

    Rotating schedule in subgroups: Expression setup; Biophysics, Crystallization;

    Session 3: Membrane proteins

    1. Membrane protein purification by WolframWelte (Konstanz
    2. Membrane protein crystallization (detergents) by Wolfram Welte (Konstanz)
    3. (Re)folding of bacterial outer membrane proteins by Lucy Rutten (Leuven)

    Session 4: Cys-loop receptor experience

    1. AChBP expression in insect cells by Prakash Rucktooa
    2. Expression of human AChR domains in P. pastoris (towards the pentameric form) by Paraskevi (Voula) Zisimopoulo (Athens)

    Possibility for executing biophysical experiments for those who bring samples (Alex Fish, Prakash Rucktooa, Patrick Celie)

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