Neurocypres workshops and meetings

Three Annual meetings

After the Kick off meeting in Amsterdam, February 2008 and the first annual meeting in Athens in 2009, the second annual meeting has been held in Marseille in May 2010.

The third annual meeting, Bergamo (Italy) May 2011, provided exciting novel structural data on ligand-gated ion channels.

Three Neurocypres workshops

The first workshop(NKI, Sept 2008) was dedicated to the production of proteins in heterologous expression systems (section 1). Conclusions were drawn about the various systems in use and in particular protocols for expression in different cell types were exchanged and discussed.

In the second workshop (VU, Dec 2008) the various approaches for drug screening were discussed (section 3). The use of computational analysis tools for CLR sequence alignment and in silico screening were discussed. Also, this workshop was used to plan and further align the various projects on protein engineering thereby enabling future screening possibilities.

The third workshop was about high throughput methods (UCAM, Nov 2009).

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